Getting started - Getting Started
Getting started
As already described in the Introduction page, the Zippytech React Toolkit is distributed via npm. So getting it installed is as easy as:
$ npm install @zippytech/react-toolkit --save
Or, if you are using yarn you have to run:
$ yarn add @zippytech/react-toolkit
Once you have the toolkit installed in your node_modules directory, you can start using it:
All the components available in the toolkit are listed in the sidebar of this documentation. In order to use any component, you have to import the component and its corresponding css file.
Don't forget to import the css file for each component you are using, in this case, import '@zippytech/react-toolkit/Window/index.css'.
The import pattern is the same for all components, so you need to import ComponentName from '@zippytech/react-toolkit/ComponentName'.
Named imports are also available - but they are not supported in the online editor used throughout this documentation!!!
import React from 'react'
import { Button } from '@zippytech/react-toolkit'
// import { ComponentName" } from '@zippytech/react-toolkit'

// you can also import the css file with the styles for all the components in the toolkit
import '@zippytech/react-toolkit/index.css'
In the next section, you can read more about Theming and understand how you can easily customize the appearance of your components.