SplitContainer - Keyboard navigation
When enableKeyboardNavigation=true, the <SplitContainer /> can be collapsed, expanded and resized using keyboard shortcuts.
Here's the list of keyboard shortcuts you can use:
  • SHIFT + arrow key - resizes in the arrow key direction. Use shiftResizeStep to configure the amount of resizing on a key press.
  • Control (Cmd on MacOS) + arrow key - collapses in the arrow key direction.
If there are multiple nested <SplitContainer /> components, the key event propagates from bottom to top.
For example in the snippet below, if you click the main content area, the innermost <SplitContainer /> is focused. Yet, if you press press SHIFT + ArrowLeft , its parent <SplitContainer /> is resized, with its left side being made smaller, since the innermost <SplitContainer /> has no left side to resize.