TreeView - Node Props
nodeProps represent the computed properties that get applied on the <Node /> subcomponent in the <TreeView />
This object shape is present in several callback props and methods.
The nodeProps has the following propertis:
  • path : String - uniquely identifies the node, see Using the path property page.
  • node : Object - a reference to the actual node object in the dataSource.
  • active : Bool - whether the node is the active node, as indicated by activeNode.
  • checked : Bool - whether the node is checked, as indicated by the checked map.
  • collapsed : Bool - whether the node is collapsed, as indicated by the collapsed map.
  • disabled : Bool - whether the node is disabled, as indicated by the disabled map.
  • indexPath : Bool - a string composed by concatenating node index from root to a particular node, a way to uniquely identify a node, this prop is used when pathProperty is not defined.
  • index : Object - node index relative to its siblings.
  • depth : String - represents the number of parents from the current node to the root node.
  • domProps : Object - props that get applied on the node HTMLElement, it can be mutated with render functions to modify or add props to it.
  • hasChildren : Object - whether the node has children.
  • isLast : Bool - whether is the last child of it's parent.
Understanding how the node path is built is crucial to understanding how selected/checked/async nodes work. Make sure you read Using the path property page in order to have a solid grasp of the concepts behind node paths.